Jordi Piñero

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

I graduated in Physics at University of Barcelona in 2012 and completed a Master in Theoretical Physics at University of Cambridge in 2013. Currently a PhD Candidate at the Complex Systems Lab, University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. My main research is focused on the mathematical theory of evolution (biological and non-biological), major transitions, complex ecosystems, nonequilibrium statistical physics and the origins of life.


Tuesday April 18th

Cost and benefit of information processing in nonequilibrium environments.

Organisms maintain themselves by harvesting free energy from their environments. While the acquisition and use of information carry unavoidable thermodynamic costs, it can also increase the amount of free energy acquired from a nonequilibrium environment. We develop a framework for analyzing this trade-off of information processing in nonequilibrium environments using stochastic thermodynamics. We derive an upper bound on the net thermodynamic gain that can be achieved by introducing any additional control mechanisms for a given system coupled to a nonequilibrium environment. We illustrate our approach with some biologically inspired examples: chemical cycles, sensing and cross-membrane transport.