Laura Alvarez

CRPP, University of Bordeaux

Laura is an Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) at the University of Bordeaux (France). She is a physico-chemical experimentalist specialized in active matter and bioinspired systems. She was awarded a joint PhD between the University of Bordeaux and KU Leuven on the dynamical behavior of colloidal liquid crystals. Later, she did her Postodc at the Department of Materials at ETH Zurich, where she performed pioneer work on the fabrication of responsive active colloidal assemblies. Since January 2022, in her group at Bordeaux (Soft BioColloids), they are mainly working on the confection of artificial cells integrating active colloidal units, with the goal of realizing motile and functional cell-mimetic microdevices. She is a strong advocate for inclusion and equality policies in academia (and in general).